ABOUT Coffee Conversations

We at Coffee Conversations believe that having a conversation around mental and emotional disturbances and well-being should be as easy as having a cup of coffee with a friend. There should be no stigma attached in seeking help. With that thought we bring to you well-being solutions and interventions that are highly therapeutic, a little unconventional and very enjoyable.

Our team of consultants (Psychologists) use therapies such as Dance, Drama, Art, Narrative, Music as well as the more traditional ones to give you deeper understanding and healing of your mind, emotions and soul. Coffee conversations does not deal with you in claustrophobic environments, instead we meet up with you over a coffee just as you would meet a friend.

We find common grounds and your likes, dislikes and everything that interests or disturbs you and before you know it, we are working on solutions together in the most organic and enjoyable manner.

Even if you don’t want to step out of the comfort of your home, fret not, we are just a phonecall away and we would love to connect with you virtually and can embark on this soul searching journey together using the latest technologies. If you have an issue, we have the solution. We only urge you to not keep quiet and welcome you to have a simmering cup of coffee with us.

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